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07/05/2019 Australian Film with an All-Jazz Score

07/05/2019 Australian Art Orchestra celebrates 25 years

07/05/2019 Sydney Con International Jazz Festival

07/05/2019 Melbourne International Jazz Festival

07/05/2019 Kim Sanders Music Book

Talking with...

Drummer and composer
Michael Pigneguy and
singer Alemay Fernandez

Tuesdays 8-11pm
77 William St, Sydney CBD

and with...

saxophonist and composer Mark Ginsburg and
pianist and composer Vittorio Mezza

Gigs - Editor's Choice

15/6 Frances Madden & Band
16/6 The Pen Club feat Jack Stoneham, Felix Bornholdt & Ashley Stoneham
18/6 Steve Hunter Band
20/6 att McMahon Quartet feat Phil Slater
22/6 Van Hunt & Daniel March (US)
23/6 Mick Stuart 'Forest of Glass'
25/6 Andrew Dickeson, Ashley Turner & Friends
26/6 Dave Panichi Big Band
27/6 Phillip Johnston & the Coolerators + Paul Cutlan's Far Cry The Music of Eric Dolphy
29/6 Dannielle De Andrea (aka Gaha) & Bruce Forman (US)

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Album of the Week

Michael Davidson Dan Fortin
Clock Radio

...Listeners will appreciate this duo’s uncanny ability to corral compositional elements balanced by harmony, melody and flexible rhythms...