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06/02/2020 Lachy Hamilton Trio on Tour

06/02/2020 The Vampires on Tour

06/02/2020 The Necks New Album and On Tour

06/02/2020 New Home for Venue 505

Talking with...

Composer and pianist Mark Isaacs,
saxophonist and composer Loretta Palmeiro
Tom Andersen

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Gigs - Editor's Choice

11/9 The catholics
12/9 Zela Margossian Quintet
15/9 Steve Hunter Band
17/9 Mingus Amongst Us
17/9 Avgenicos Brothers Treading Water
19/9 Jackson Harrison Trio
20/9 Dr Dan and the Gris Gris Combo feat Dan Barnett
22/9 Gary Daley & James Greening
23/9 Rambo
25/9 The catholics
26/9 Chasing the Moon

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and with...

Singer/songwriter Dianne Cripps and saxophonist and composer Tim Clarkson

Album of the Week

Jamie Pregnell - Sleepy Town

...an approachable session open to anyone with a love for sweet toned gliding and light-swinging...