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Jazz News

15/8/2017Natalie Dietz jazz vocalist O-1 Artist Visa Indiegogo campaign

06/07/2017 All that Glitters turns to Brass

06/072017 Global Rhythms 2017 Music Festival Line-Up Announcement

06/07/2017 Australian Jazz Real Book and NJA Team Up

Festival of the Month

Talking with...

Trumpeter and composer
Ellen Kirkwood
"I find a lot of correlations between art and music..." - Leith O'Malley

Gigs - Editor's Choice

16/11 Silke Eberhard (DEU) & the Sydney Women's Jazz Collective
17/11 Silke Eberhard + Sandy Evans, Andrea Keller and Friends + Soultree
17/11 Carlotta Centanni (ITA)
18/11 Frances Madden
19/11 Nadya & Zoran's 101 Candles Orkestra
21/11 Steve Hunter Band feat Matt Keegan, Matt McMahon & Gordon Rytmeister
23/11 Gregg Arthur & the Peter Locke Quartet
24/11 FinnLand feat Gerard Masters and Emma Pask
25/11 Dale Barlow Band
26/11 Sandy Evans, Bobby Singh & Some Sirens feat Ellen Kirkwood
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Album of the Week

Tony Barnard and Casey Golden - Inventions

...The pacing and tempo comfortably allows time to breathe and absorb the subtleties and distinctions that are well crafted in this stellar debut...